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SR 22 insurance can vary in cost depending on your age, gender, the state you live in and also on the insurance company offering coverage. Here, we take a closer look at what SR22 insurance is, how much it may cost you, getting an SR22 and how long you may need it.

What is is SR-22 Insurance ?

An SR22 Insurance is not actually an insurance policy but a certificate of financial responsibility issued by insurance companies. It provides proof to the state authorities that the policy holder has met the state’s minimum requirements when it comes to liability coverage. 

Individuals are mandated to file for an SR22 if they have been charged with a DUI/DWI, have invalid auto insurance or any such violation to save their license from further suspension and get their driving privileges back.

Who needs an SR22 Insurance?

Every state across the country has a different requirement for SR22 depending upon the type of violation one commits. 

Here we have a look on some of the most common reasons for which a State DMV can request and individual to file for an SR22:

  1. Caught driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. (DUI)

  2. License suspension due to multiple traffic violations.

  3. Driving with an expired auto insurance policy.

  4. Have pending court orders related to child support payment.

  5. Driving a vehicle with invalid license. 

For how long does one need SR22?

The holding period of an SR22 policy depends on two factors namely- the state the policy holder resides in and the driving history of the individual. Ideally most states mandate individuals to hold an SR22 policy for a period of 3 years, but it can range from anywhere between 1 to 5 years. It is important to check with the state’s DMV  (Department of Motor Vehicles) to determine the exact length of time required in your state.

How do i file for an SR22 Policy?

Here’s the general process to obtain an SR-22 policy:

  1. Check your eligibility: Determine if you are required to obtain SR-22 insurance by contacting your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or a licensed insurance agent.

  2. Find an insurance provider: Shop around for insurance providers that offer SR-22 insurance and compare rates and coverage options.

  3. Purchase insurance coverage: Purchase the required liability insurance coverage and make sure the insurance provider is willing to file an SR-22 form on your behalf with the state.

  4. File the SR-22 form: The insurance provider will file the SR-22 form with the state and provide you with proof of filing.

  5. Maintain continuous coverage: It’s important to maintain continuous SR-22 insurance coverage for the required period, as letting the coverage lapse or be cancelled can result in license suspension and additional penalties.

  6. Receive confirmation: The state will notify you when they have received the SR-22 form and confirmed that you have the required insurance coverage.

The specific requirements and regulations for SR-22 insurance can vary by state, so it’s always best to check with the state’s DMV or a licensed insurance agent for more detailed information and guidance. In case you need any help in purchasing or filing an SR22 policy, you can contact us toll free at xxx-xxxx-xxx. Our agents will get in touch with you and help you get a policy that fits all your needs. 

What are the alternatives for an SR22 Policy?

There are several alternatives to SR-22 that vary based on the state you live in and the severity of your violation:

SR-21 insurance: An SR-21 is a document your insurer files that demonstrates you have enough coverage at the time of the incident. It’s typically required after you’re involved in an accident or you’ve received a ticket at a traffic stop.

SR-22A insurance: Missouri, Georgia and Texas require an SR-22A when drivers repeatedly violate financial responsibility laws. This form requires drivers to have a policy paid in full for at least six months.

FR-44 insurance: Florida and Virginia have the FR-44, also known as the SR-44, which is typically required after a DUI conviction. It’s essentially the same document as the SR-22, but the driver must carry twice the standard minimum liability coverage.

SR-50 insurance: The SR-50 filing is only used in Indiana. It’s similar to the SR-22 which acts as a proof of coverage and allows you to get your suspended license reinstated.

Key Takeaways

  1. SR-22 is primarily required for high-risk drivers who have been recently convicted of a major driving violation, like DUI or reckless driving.

  2. The average cost for an SR22 insurance or car insurance after a DUI is $2,531 for full coverage and $1,079 for minimum required coverage.

  3. If you need an SR-22, your car insurance rates will increase by an average of $993 a year. 

SR-22 Cost In Numbers

279 $

Is the average annual cost for SR-22 Insurance across the United States. 

2 $

Is the average filing fee for SR-22 Insurance across the United States. 

24 %

Your rate will go up, on average, 57% or $993 a year for one DUI accordingly.


Most frequent questions and answers regarding SR-22 Insurance

When your SR-22 requirement is removed, simply contact your insurance company to let them know you don’t need it anymore. 


You’ll need to inform your insurance company that you need an SR-22 so that they can file it on your behalf. Your insurance company will learn about the violation that led to the SR-22 requirement when it runs your record, so there’s no reason to avoid telling them.

To find out if your SR-22 has been filed, contact your insurance company. You can also check with the DMV or the court to find out if the SR-22 has been received and processed.

The process of filing an SR-22 can be time-consuming. The average wait is 3o days, so don’t wait to get it started.

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