Compare & Save on FR-44 Insurance From Top Providers in Florida & Virginia

FR44 insurance is a liability auto insurance required specifically in the states of Florida & Virginia for drivers convicted of DUI/DWI with higher minimum coverage limits to act as a proof of financial responsibility in case the individual gets involved in an accident. Here, we take a closer look at what FR44 insurance is, how much it may cost you, getting an FR44 and how long you may need it.

What is is FR44 Insurance ?

An FR44 Insurance is specifically required in the states of Florida and Virginia if one gets convicted of a DUI/DUI, or has their license suspended for any serious traffic violation. Under such circumstances, the state DMV orders the individual to file for an FR44 to get their license and driving privileges reinstated.

An FR44 is not actually an insurance policy but a financial responsibility certificate which provides proof of the state required minimum motor liability to the authorities on your behalf in case you are involved in an accident. 

Who Needs FR44 Insurance?

Drivers who have been convicted of a DUI (Driving under the Influence) or a DWI (Driving while intoxicated) or any serious traffic violation are mandated to file for an FR44 policy. Each state (Namely Florida and Virginia) has its own specific requirement regarding FR44 and is generally required for a period of two to five years. Drivers who are required to obtain FR44 insurance typically need to carry higher liability coverage limits as compared to a standard auto insurance policy.

What are the benefits of FR44 Insurance?

The benefits of FR44 are as follows: 

  1. Provides proof of financial responsibility for the state authorities .

  2. Meets the state requirements for high-risk drivers/violators. 

  3. Offers higher liability coverage as compared to standard policies.

  4. Helps in lowering future insurance rates at times. 

  5. Helps to maintain driving privileges. 

How to file an FR44 in Florida & Virginia?

If you are mandated by your state DMV to file for an FR44, you must first select an insurance company which will file the policy with the DMV on your behalf. You must keep in mind that you must hold an active car insurance policy before buying an FR44 policy to attach it with.  

Only licensed car insurance providers who comply with the state rules and regulations are allowed to file and issue FR44 forms. Hence it is important to choose the right provider who can help you obtain an FR44 policy that fits both your budget and requirements.

How much does an FR44 Insurance cost?

The cost of an FR44 insurance policy varies from state to state and from provider to provider. There are multiple factors that affect its cost such as age of the policyholder, gender, marital status, driving history, etc. You must also keep in mind that if you are required to buy an FR44, you will be placed in a high-risk driver bracket which will most likely go on to increase your insurance rates. 

Key Takeaways

  1. FR44 insurance is mandatory auto liability coverage required in some states for drivers convicted of DUI or other traffic violations. Provides higher liability coverage and must be filed electronically with DMV.

  2. FR44 costs higher than a  standard insurance policy and must be maintained for 3 years.

  3. The “FR” stands for “Financial Responsibility” which means satisfying a state’s minimum insurance requirements.

SR-22 Cost In Numbers

279 $

Is the average annual cost for FR44 Insurance across the United States. 


3 Years is the average holding period of a FR44  policy 


Only 2 out of the 50 states across the country require an FR44 policy.


Most frequent questions and answers regarding SR-22 Insurance

When your SR-22 requirement is removed, simply contact your insurance company to let them know you don’t need it anymore. 


You’ll need to inform your insurance company that you need an SR-22 so that they can file it on your behalf. Your insurance company will learn about the violation that led to the SR-22 requirement when it runs your record, so there’s no reason to avoid telling them.

To find out if your SR-22 has been filed, contact your insurance company. You can also check with the DMV or the court to find out if the SR-22 has been received and processed.

The process of filing an SR-22 can be time-consuming. The average wait is 3o days, so don’t wait to get it started.

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